Putting Today In Order

Monday, October 31, 2011

We remember our departed loved ones every November 1, it is All Saints’ Day. This year it falls on a Tuesday, so we are having a long weekend of holiday. Time goes by so fast as those precious days are half over and soon we will be back to doing the everyday grind.

I am doing a lot of packing as I am about to move to a new condo. I think I am half done, and with a helper for tomorrow, I think it won’t be too difficult.  I have a lot of personal things to sort out but I wanted to start the day strong and with a sense of self. Exercise usually does that for me. I woke up at 5 am and ready for a brisk walk around the compound. After some warm-ups, I clocked in at 5:34 am, getting into a steady pace, together with the other runners and wanna be runners like me. LOL.

If I finish my walk/run before the sun rises, I feel I have accomplished something.


Like a lot of filipinas, we don’t like the sunlight on our skin. So by 6:35am, I am done.

But I feel like I am just getting into it. Oh well, I will do some more  stretches and yoga later in the day. I still have a few more minutes before the sun is really up so I can go to the market and see what’s for today’s meal.

In one of the stalls near the wet market, I ordered Filipino Congee or Lugaw and had that with some fried cut-up tofu with soya sauce. The vendor has this getting ready for the stove.

Fish Soup

It’s fish (Alumahan) soup with tomatoes, onion, and ginger.

Soured with Kalamansi,

And topped with Malunggay leaves.

I see it starting to cook really good.

Next, she is preparing pork pieces for her version of Caldereta.

Hmm, too bad I couldn’t stay for any of those. My boxes await to be filled and sealed.

At the fruit stand, I buy a couple of green ponkan.Never had them before, so I will have a taste.


Fresh tuna!

That is a tuna belly.

And that is Tuna Panga, wonderful when grilled with soy sauce and Kalamansi juice.

I bought a slice off that belly and a tuna steak, for lunch.


I am making a deal with myself to own this day. I think I did pretty well with the past couple of hours. I have paperwork to do, a meeting at 2pm and a late afternoon date with the mat and yoga dvds. The boxes will be filled somewhere in between those and into the night.

I won’t think past the next 19 hours. I have this first to go through and I am gonna like it.

This is my way of keeping the anxiety disorder in check. Changing the landscape of my apartment by putting away my things have been emotional, even if I know I am off to move to a better place. Going through them also bring back memories that I have dealt with already. Now I get to ask, I was this upset? I really bothered with these? Or the one I like, wow, I didn’t know this before? Pertaining to a book topic that I spent a thousand pesos to get enlightened with.

I have outgrown some, while I see some things I have to relearn again. Overall, they need to go to the box and get stacked up. I will deal with them again (to give away) when I unpack them.


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