After The Move

I pretty much moved Friday night. Everything in boxes and containers, marked and in my new living room. When the movers put down the last items and left, I am alone with my things. Ha ha.

My cough aggravated and I lay in a heap on the foam mattress in the bedroom. I only opened what I needed to shower, change and  finally rest. Time to take care of me.


This is important, as I wanted to be responsible and not lose a day of work even with what’s going on. So I continued with my meetings and errands for the day. By 5pm though, my cough was so bad and I am hungry. Time to sign off on work again.

I instantly liked my bedroom, spacious enough to move around, lounge on the floor with pillows, a muted lamp light and go online or listen to music. Meaning, I am home. Take out dinner, coffee and  that is my first real night there . Thank you Lord!


What’s next is really not about unpacking but using the power of a new home to help me make the changes I want in my life. I can do it anywhere, anytime of course but there is something exciting and different with a new environment. It acts as a trigger and brings enthusiasm, hope and stronger presence.


This is right now, as I blog. Sheepishly, I must admit, I have no clue why tomorrow, is a non-working holiday. But I like it,  a long weekend. I have church this morning, lunch, then getting clear how to proceed with my life.


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