Let’s Talk About Health….It’s Time

I have the flu. From a sneeze and cough last week when I was moving, it turned out to be a flu the other night. Snot color code and all, I felt weak, drained, had fever and couldn’t think straight. Aside from the medi I took…. I rested. Just fully spread my foam bed and lay down.

I take this opportunity to take responsibility about my health. It is me, right? I suffer if I neglect my body. So in the spirit of self health care, I commit to making my life sustainable in every possible way. Yay!

I get bouts of cough every 3 – 4 months. 6 months being well is the longest stretch I had. It’s easy to get a cold as I am in a place where there is one  person at least fighting the same battle.  My immune system has to get better. It’s like there is an invisible shield protecting me, even when exposed to the elements and all sort of  free radicals around.

Being in bed, exhausted and sick at 8pm is never a pretty sight.  Now and in the days to come, I am mindful of myself and vow to live a better way.


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