Me and Sleep

I feel guilty every time I make it an early night. I am awashed with self-loathing, I slacked up again. I should be awake and working, I should be awake! The book says we must sleep for 8 hours. That is a third of the day, for me, just gone with nothing accomplished. My bad.

Sleeping rejuvenates the body. Sleeping is good for you.  I can Google the benefits of  sleep and pages and pages of articles and notes will come up. They are  probably all true.

I need to change my thinking. I need my 8 hours, everyday. Ok, a lot of times I can’t do that, but I found out, that 6 hours is manageable for me. I feel rested, refreshed and ready for the day. This flu made me extra tired and sleepy. For two (2) days now, I have been taking a snooze, a lot. The cough syrup helps  lull me to sleep, I am sure.

My lofty goals  for the night get transported to dreamland, and even there don’t get done. haha. Ok I am awake now, that’s enough.


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