They Are Gifts

Presents they are also called. LOL.

My life recently is in chaos. Losing someone, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Direction in Work, Moving To A New Place, Health Concerns, all while being alone.

I can do badly with these, or I can take up each one, open what each box contains and see it another way.

He did well with me, but he couldn’t stay. The minutes, hours and days spent with him, were memorable. Somebody else has to top that.

Anxiety and Depression stopped by for a visit right after that. They stayed for a while, about 3 months, making me lose direction in work and in life. But I finally beat them at my own game, the game of Life.

Right now, I have a new interest and vigor in what I do for a living, I am enjoying myself and have great plans for the ensuing months. Watch out 2012.

Ah, the new place. The move was not as cathartic as I thought it would be. I did lose myself for a while. I felt weak, fearful and unsure of myself. That too came to pass. I am now making a new life at a new apartment. How cool is that?

I do need to stay the course. But the future is not guaranteed for any of us. I breathe in a new day today 11-11-2011. I have opened my presents and liked not what I initially saw, but in the use they have in making my life better.


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