It’s Not Happening

A month has passed by. I still have cough with phlegm. This is taking a while. I did the course of antibiotic, again. That has sailed.

I don’t have the full energy I need to train for running or other sports.

I am eating healthier though. This is the Christmas season, with a lot of parties going on, special cooking, and food shopping. I still have to eat a slice of ham, and its ok. I skipped most of the season’s pastries, high-calorie pasta dishes and chocolates.

I find myself eating more fruits, drinking coconut water almost every other day and taking supplements.

I bought a 600-mg bottle of over-the-counter cough syrup. It’s only gonna last for 34 hours. I am taking it every few hours, hopefully it helps.

Regarding my other goals, its slow moving. Rather than ask why, I remain open and optimistic that things will happen for me. I trust the universe to  work its real magic in my life. I am grateful for what I have and am doing my best for the things I have to do.


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