Goodbye, 2011

This is the only thing I want to say. Today is your last day in my life and I bid you farewell, 2011.

Good things  happened, of course. I also got stuck somewhere and it took a while to dislodge myself and just float away from it. I got out, too late in the year and have to coast through the holidays with a double whammy cough. This health concern consumed me for a while as it just won’t go away.

I still have it but mostly when I eat anything. So it has been a challenge to get nourishment. I have stripped my diet of a lot of things. Some I miss, others have not been in my consciousness for a while, so it isn’t  a big sacrifice.

That is where I am today, a few hours before I say hello to the next year, which I will gladly embrace tomorrow. Woohoo.

I am not to dwell, my notebook is filled with what I want after today, let it suffice. I hope that when the next year ends, I would hold on to it and feel sad that it’s going away, as each year does.


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