Spaghetti Bolognese, My Way

I am cooking from Manila, Philippines. Well, from one of the cities of Greater Manila Area, in Taguig City. The way I cook and of course what I cook is greatly influenced by what is available. This is still, a third world country. Spaghetti Bolognese is Italian in origin. So I cannot make it the authentic way. I have the recipe though.

This is done my way, using ingredients from the supermarkets, the downtown regular wet market and gourmet delis.

My Spaghetti Bolognese

I will make this a couple of more times before sharing the recipe. I hope to lighten it still and go the healthy way using whole grain pasta and organic tomatoes.


3 thoughts on “Spaghetti Bolognese, My Way

  1. Looks great!

    I’m trying to get back to healthy, which is always hard after traveling around and other lifestyle changes…

    Can you recommend me a good & cheap market for fruit and vegetables in Taguig?

    I lost a LOT of weight last year dropping sugar, coffee, meat and processed foods altogether, but only survived a couple months. Skin is better, no caffeine headaches, etc… But right now, I’m eating a bowl of chill corned beef + tuna (I need help!) 😉

    • Hi Leon,

      Do you go to Market! Market! There is a fresh produce section right at the drop off area opposite of Serendra. Of course you can go to the Metro supermarket to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. This area is the best if you are within the fort or Global City. Outside of it, lets say crossing C5 from the terminal station at the back of the outside food court, there is a street, downhill, its called The Staffhouse. Typical street market and if you are ready for an adventure and careful with your wallet against pickpockets, you will find cheaper fruits, vegetables and some other items.

      Congratulations on the weight loss and healthy lifestyle change, its so nice to hear a success story.

      • Thanks Maribeth~

        I’m close to Market Market now, but will move soon. I did not know about the Staffhouse… as my family name is Stafford, maybe it’s meant from me. I’ll check it out soon, no worries with pickpockets after having lived in China for a long time without incident (have not owned a wallet for a long time!).

        Yes, I got healthy last year, but relapsed now… time to do a fruit/veg juice detox for a while… too much sweet coffee while working 😦

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