Personal Shaper

I admire people out there saving the environment, feeding the hungry people of Africa, and protecting the endangered whales of the seas. They are so awesome, taking care of other things than themselves. At one point in my life, I have been called to public service and did my tour. That was the time of the earthquake and erupting volcanoes. Nowadays, my area of responsibility is smaller. I take care of  my daughter, my recuperating mother, my clients’ needs, a soon to open office with partners. Yeah, those are others, and also a significant one that is part of my life now.

So I focus more now on the homefront and myself. The operative word being, myself. I guess its  a phase. I want to have the full awareness of this time, to embrace what’s going on and come out of it like I milked it with every wonderful experience I could. Let’s say, a year? 12 months of taking care of myself, learning about me and letting me be the best that I can be. I take on shaping myself  as a project.


Wellness is a priority, as in my next meal undergoes change as my body cannot take food from fast food and restaurants with a lot of additive, flavor enhancers named “spices” and MSG. I feel sick immediately after eating and it takes several days a  lot of antihistamine to get the toxins out.

Moving the yoga way. I make my practice a personal one. I do it privately. I haven’t joined a class. There is a club nearby I can go, maybe in a few months as I expand my hours out of the  home.

Study up. My book shelves  are full of stuff I want to read on.

Personal care. I am too lazy to keep up with my regimens. Now is the time to get back into the ritual.

Work takes a lot of  my time too these days. That is fun as I like what I do. With my project, our new office is about to open up, so there is a lot to do.

Later on, travel and seeing places.

I hope to have a home church too within this time, to nourish my spiritual growth.

That’s a good list of things to focus on in the coming months of 2012. Before writing this post, I have been feeling quite guilty as I think its selfish. But I am glad I made this decision and said my declarations.


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