Today I Saw Irony

I waited in suspense. They say it would open as a better and refurbished one. Launching was exactly at this hour. Well, the minute passed. Nothing, wait hold on, a little delay, almost there, blah blah blah. I had to leave to get to my day. When I came back, I saw it. Huh? There were sponsors on the right side. Up there were what I thought were just categories. I clicked.  A new post, yes. But the old posts in the category were all there. Hmm. So what was changed that took 2 months? Then there were kudos of congratulations. It was awesome, a girl said. Really good. Duh.

In the bookstore, I saw  Sandy Daza’s new cookbook. Small, thin, simple white covering with his picture in front. 185 pesos. Hmm. Grabbed it and paid for it, still in its plastic covering, mistake. When I ripped open, I knew I would regret buying. I did. Newsprint, simple common recipes, bouillon cube is an ingredient, and no pictures. Wow, another disappointment in the same day.




His blog has the recipes from the book, with pictures.

Simple but exalted. Then an icon in brown newsprint. Irony.

I don’t want to say more, you may think I am dissing them. No! Damn no. I want them to be right and grand. I am not happy I am disappointed. I wish the blog is spectacular and I will hang out a lot there. I wish that even if its newsprint, the recipes are cool, innovative and delicious. Well, now I can do a cook through easily and simply. But I am not using a bouillon cube, excuse me.


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