Easter 2012


It has been a staycation Holy Week for me. Oh how fast it has arrived and gone. Even if I am only here at home, time goes by just like that. After watching old dvds, I put on a couple of new ones, never mind what they are. Let your mind wander to what is legal and permissible.   More sleep, reading, meditation and yoga.

Easter lunch is with my daughter and mom. I have not managed to get photos, my cellphone battery is low. Bummer. But by dinner time at home, this is what I prepared.

I have this humongous square grill pan that I have never used. Last night I just put it on the stove, turn on the gas and lay the whole dinner menu. I have a small pork chop that I have been marinating on soy-lemon juice-cracked pepper, sliced onions and tomatoes and several shrimps. A dash of olive oil on them and watched them have that nice grill marks we all see on the tv. Got to have those grill marks.

Coffee afterwards and a 30-minute meditation before reading. Sleep comes much later. That has been a rather heavy dinner for me, I really should have made it for lunch, to have time to  digest properly. Note to self, next time.

I am truly blessed and grateful, for another year. I don’t want to get all mushy about what this season means to me. It will reveal itself in the next posts. Happy sigh.


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