I asked @BlissfulCow to post about Moringa Citrus. I have heard good reviews from her. Here it is.


Being an Authorized Reseller of Indigo Baby, I promote almost everything they promote too. Lately it’s these green smoothies. Curious, I ordered a liter of GREEN PEACE PEDRO which consisted of watermelon, organic lemongrass, apple, wild honey, and organic greens. It was really good that even my son finished half a liter which means that I ran out. Xavier really liked it and asked if we could order more. I said maybe a liter a week.

For Inquiries and Orders please call 0917.8301RAW
RAWLlicious Website

If you follow me on Twitter, you will notice how I rave about the S&R Moringa Citrus juice. I discovered this when my mom brought it home during those months that I was in a cast recuperating from ankle surgery. It the the only thing that was keeping me cool during the hot summer months. It’s addicting I tell you. Apparently, there are two…

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