My Time Here


It is awesome to wake up one morning and get cleared on something I have been trying to figure out for a while. Like turning on the light switch, I can see everything and farther than what’s next to me. I have gotten rid of some distractions and hopefully be more focused these days.

I am here to learn and be.

I am inspired recently by using the REBLOG feature of WordPress. At first, I have thought it silly to put someone’s post in my blog page. If a post sparks my interest, I usually bookmark it. But reblogging is a good feature, just one click and somehow I save the fellow blogger’s post, making it known that it is not mine and links are in place to go back to the original blog post.

Anytime I want to read back and refer to the post, I can just go over my own blog and it’s there. Terrific.

I like to give thanks to all you wonderful bloggers for sharing your life, thoughts and being with me. Everytime I reblog, for sure I am learning from you and applying your wisdom to my own life.

This is wonderful.


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