I have already reduced my processed food consumption by, maybe 60% in the past year. I buy organic or raw ingredients, cook them at home, or eat whole in restaurants, which is still very challenging. Most fast foods here in Manila have flavor enhancers, which affect me badly.


pumpkin pie ingredientsIt takes a little more planning, but cooking from scratch can be deliciously rewarding.Photo: Susy MorrisLooking to purify before we move into the season of discount Halloween candy, food-focused family gatherings, and holiday parties? Andrew Wilder’s Eating Rules blog invites you to take part in October Unprocessed, an experiment in ridding your diet of all processed foods for an entire month.

Wilder uses the “kitchen test” to explain what he means by unprocessed: “any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.” In other words, if a food’s label lists long, scary-sounding, unpronounceable words that bring back bad memories of high school chemistry, it probably doesn’t count.

But that’s just one way to classify the term; Wilder invites other definitions and interpretations of the challenge — whatever helps people feel comfortable participating. (He also encourages…

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