The Rest Of The Year Is IN Today

The first week of 2012 has been. Today is Friday, January 6. I dare say we are on to the rest of the year. The New Year has gone. I was one of those who was so eager to get rid of 2011 and did my utmost to revel and welcome the first day of January. Woohoo. I partied with people, prepared my year’s goals and actually started to make life changes back  in November. So for some of the things I do, like wellness, yoga, eating healthy, reading more how to take care of myself, etc., those are well underway.

Manila New Year Fireworks

I didn’t really start anything last January 1. The change in time from year-ender to start of the next year naturally occurs. We cannot stop it from happening. Even those who were having  great luck in 2011 couldn’t stay in that year, we all move on together. With it, the season goes on too, giving us the atmosphere and weather we are familiar with, well almost. Rain in December is unusual for most of us Filipinos.

I have to admit, I have a lot things I want to accomplish in 2012. In my head, I have the year to do all of them, or at least most of what is in my list.  BOINK!&/?! Every goal-setting, success, life-coach and guru will tell me, no, I don’t have the future to do even any of them. I don’t start somewhere there in the next months. I start here, now. Oh but I can’t, I don’t have what I need, I am waiting for this, that, something has to happen first, its complicated and I have to untangle a million and one before I can get to do that. I have to buy this gadget, learn how to set it, practice some more, lose a lot , blah blah blah.

Whew! Stop!

Stop. Breathe.

Breathe again.


I tune out all those thoughts and get quiet with myself.

Today is all I have. Now, this moment. What do I do? I do something right now, this day,  a small thing that is a step to my goals. Pick it up, stand up, bend, put on, set aside, notice.  Breathe. Do something again. Smile.

A map or the big picture of the overall goals help. (More on that later.)

In a nutshell: I start where I am and with what I’ve got. 😉