I Rise

People gathered on Valentines Day to support One Billion Rising, an event to bring awareness and stop all kinds of violence against women and assert their rights.


I fully support this cause.

I was once abused in a domestic setup. I knew what verbal, mental, emotional and physical harrassment and hurt on a daily basis for more than two years. Escape was a long time coming, but I got away. There was a cost for freedom and I paid for it dearly.

Now I am living a blissful life.

Ready For More

Imagine, last year I was experiencing panic attacks and spinning in the middle of the street, feeling all clammy and shaky. Now, I am ready to take on the world and things have been on the upswing. Amazing.

2012 has been one curly roller coaster ride. I hope to untangle memories and share with you some wonderful lessons I have learned… the hard way, mate. Hmmm.


The year is not over yet .

It Gets Better And Better

…and the light switch gets turned on.

In the past few months, I have managed to do further clean-up, in my mind, my environment and in my relationships. My wellness regimen is on the upswing and I practice no attachment . Let go, let flow.

I write to give a heads up to the process. Last year I have battled anxiety and awareness helped in bringing it to the light.

Now I focus on the present moment and concentrate on work, more exercise, quiet time and meditation. SELF-CARE in all caps.

It has been raining a lot and I am in coffee shops more times than I want to, but I am blessed. I am here, when others are so affected by the rains and have to flee their flooded homes. I am grateful.

I look out the window and see a beautiful city. Its new, modern, dynamic and I am a part of it.

My new life has truly begun.


Another Good Sunday

I enjoyed sleeping this week. That is odd, for me. When I had anxiety episodes last year, it was very hard to sleep, I could only manage about 2 hours of shut eye and I would be awake the whole day. Now a full 8 hours plus an extra one makes me feel well rested.

I spent Saturday night chilling, watching dvd or reading and snoozing in between, whatever.

I woke up and got online. My internet provider sucks, as most in the Philippines does. There is no good internet signal. I have to be here very early in the morning to get a post in and do some surfing. Hmmph.

In a few minutes I will sleep some more until its time for an early breakfast around 7am. Life is good.


Wonton Noodle Soup




Breakfast in a Sunday Farmers’ Market



I will get the Sunday paper, probably go to the farmers’ market  and have a good noodle soup with siomai. Wonderful. It’s really free falling today with a couple of chores like giving my kitchen top a good clean up and bathroom scrub. Typical condo cleaning.\

Later I will read about yoga and do some poses. A nap after sounds decadent, but I may go for it, too. See?

I choose to do all of these instead of worrying about work, or getting upset about an absentee father coming back into my family’s life and intruding into our senses. I will take things one day at a time and be detached to desired outcomes.

Today is being in the present, on a Sunday. 🙂

A good reminder of people celebrating the life and times of Julia Child. My mom likes her baking book and often refers to it when making cake and breads.

My Family Table

As mentioned here, August 15, 2012 would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday.  I’ve mentioned this before, my grandparents were friendly with the Childs.  They bought wine from my grandfather in his store and my grandmother and Julia knew each other through a few gourmet cooking groups.

One of my prize possessions is framed and hanging in my kitchen.  It’s a letter written to my grandmother a few months before her death.  My grandfather had reached out to Julia to let her know that Grandma was sick so she wrote to her in response.

It’s a bit hard to read so I’ll re-type it here:  “Dear Grace, Just a little note to wish you well.  Myron tells me that you have been having a mean rotten time.  No fun!  Things have been going well with me, thank heaven, and we’ve a new television series on Public TV starting in…

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I have already reduced my processed food consumption by, maybe 60% in the past year. I buy organic or raw ingredients, cook them at home, or eat whole in restaurants, which is still very challenging. Most fast foods here in Manila have flavor enhancers, which affect me badly.

I am on my way to getting the workspace of my dream. This is a great inspiration for me, to see how others arrange their home office, their desk, their special place to get some work done.

I am currently looking for ‘The Chair’. It’s not too bulky, but a great comfort to my butt and back. I suffer from body pains and have to go for deep massages.

Nathan Meunier - Freelance Writer / Author / Indie Game Developer

One of the coolest things about being a freelancer is you can work from anywhere: a corner of your bedroom, an underwater sea pod, the middle of the woods, wherever. Putting together your ultimate workspace is a lot of fun, and I’ve always been fascinated with seeing how other writer folks, particularly people in the game journalism world, setup shop. As a fascinating experiment to indulge my own curiosity as much as anything else, I recently put out a call to fellow freelancers in the game journalism community to share photos and thoughts about their own personal writing spaces. Here’s the first batch. Enjoy!

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Sunday With Myself

I woke up hungry and thirsty at 3am. I slept early and skipped dinner. My slight cold was uncomfortable but I took the meds on time.

I just finished a cup of coffee and cooked Baguio Longganisa with Rice. It was a nice early breakfast that meant there would be a part two later in the morning.

It seemed I would on my own as my significant other, chose not to be very significant in my life today by being absent. He liked to sleep and rest on weekends.

Now writing in the present tense 

But my mind is full of things I want to do and accomplish, it’s actually not enough to tick off a lot in my mental list. I need to put them all down in my Note pad, but that will probably take the whole day already, shoots. Grrrgh. Still, I have to get it out of my head and make the list.

Church, prayers and bible reading. (Time with God)

Clear the fridge by cooking some of the stuff before they spoil.

Do a bit of laundry, such as have them picked up by the shop this morning.

Stop being a wuss and re-learn EXCEL on youtube.

Prepare my client list and inventory for work. This really takes the longest time.


Exercise with Yoga for an hour.

Be honest and say Net Surfing as it’s inevitable my dear.

Study Health and Wellness. A personal crusade for myself. Shifting from clueless to well-informed individual about my body.

Gee, really a lot of things to do. But I want to stay connected to myself and not blow the whole day by just sleeping or watching DVDs.

My Time Here


It is awesome to wake up one morning and get cleared on something I have been trying to figure out for a while. Like turning on the light switch, I can see everything and farther than what’s next to me. I have gotten rid of some distractions and hopefully be more focused these days.

I am here to learn and be.

I am inspired recently by using the REBLOG feature of WordPress. At first, I have thought it silly to put someone’s post in my blog page. If a post sparks my interest, I usually bookmark it. But reblogging is a good feature, just one click and somehow I save the fellow blogger’s post, making it known that it is not mine and links are in place to go back to the original blog post.

Anytime I want to read back and refer to the post, I can just go over my own blog and it’s there. Terrific.

I like to give thanks to all you wonderful bloggers for sharing your life, thoughts and being with me. Everytime I reblog, for sure I am learning from you and applying your wisdom to my own life.

This is wonderful.

I asked @BlissfulCow to post about Moringa Citrus. I have heard good reviews from her. Here it is.


Being an Authorized Reseller of Indigo Baby, I promote almost everything they promote too. Lately it’s these green smoothies. Curious, I ordered a liter of GREEN PEACE PEDRO which consisted of watermelon, organic lemongrass, apple, wild honey, and organic greens. It was really good that even my son finished half a liter which means that I ran out. Xavier really liked it and asked if we could order more. I said maybe a liter a week.

For Inquiries and Orders please call 0917.8301RAW
RAWLlicious Website

If you follow me on Twitter, you will notice how I rave about the S&R Moringa Citrus juice. I discovered this when my mom brought it home during those months that I was in a cast recuperating from ankle surgery. It the the only thing that was keeping me cool during the hot summer months. It’s addicting I tell you. Apparently, there are two…

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